Government of Ontario Announces a Plan for More Connected and Convenient Care
February 2, 2023
The Government of Ontario has released a plan focused on providing an improved health care experience by connecting patients to more convenient and community based options. Read the Sussex team's summary to learn more about the details of the plan.
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Government of Ontario Announces Three Step Plan to Reduce Surgical Backlog
January 16, 2023
Today, the Government of Ontario announced a three step plan to reduce surgical and diagnostic wait times and help clear the province's surgical backlog.
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Sussex Overview: IESO Releases Pathways to Decarbonization Report
December 15, 2022
The IESO has released the anticipated Pathways to Decarbonization report, alongside the 2022 Annual Planning Outlook and 2021-2024 CDM Mid-Term Review. Read the Sussex team's overview to learn more about the details of the reports.
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Government of Canada Releases Critical Minerals Strategy
December 9, 2022
Today, the Government of Canada released its Critical Minerals Strategy in Vancouver with details on federal funding allocated in the 2022 budget, in addition to previous allocations made in 2021.
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iPolitics: That’s what friends are for: ‘friendshoring’ presents opportunity for Canadian business
November 29, 2022
Sussex's Brian Zeiler-Kligman explains "friendshoring" and "the Freeland Doctrine" and highlights the opportunity these present for Canadian businesses, in a contribution to iPolitics.
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