At a Glance

Steven Del Duca has been the leader of the Liberal party since 2020. He formerly represented the riding of Vaughan in the Ontario Legislative assembly (2012 – 2018) and served as a cabinet minister in the Wynne government (2014 - 2018)


Currently holds no seat

Key Constituencies

Urban areas, women and millennials


The Liberal party currently has seven seats

Steven Del Duca has a background in law, political science and Canadian history. He is the former Member of Provincial Parliament in the former riding of Vaughan and served in the Wynne government as Minister of Transportation and Minister of Economic Development and Trade. Steven Del Duca is described as a strong political organizer. Since he has only been the party leader since 2020, has no seat in the Legislature and the Liberals only currently have 7 seats, he does not have the same media profile that other leaders have.

Key Issues


The Liberals have committed $2.3 billion to an education recovery plan aimed at making schools safer in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan would use funding to reduce class sizes, support vaccination efforts, and bolster learning support with respect to special education, summer learning support, and mental health.

COVID-19 Support

The Liberal COVID-19 response would have made rapid tests and masks free and widely available, ramp up vaccination efforts, and support strong vaccine mandates, particularly in the health and education sectors. The Liberals also plan to offer financial support to small businesses adversely affected by COVID-19 restrictions. The Liberal party has highlighted a zero-tolerance approach to anti-science rhetoric and expanding healthcare related post-secondary education programs to strengthen Ontario's ability to deal with COVID-19 in the long term and prepare for similar threats in the future.


The Liberal party’s climate plan places emphasis on green space conservation and incentives geared towards the sale of electric vehicles (EVs). These include $8,000 rebates for the purchase of eligible EVs, $1,500 rebates for the installation of charging equipment, and 30% subsidization for the building of charging infrastructure.

Long-Term Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how fragile and unfit the current long-term care system is in Ontario. The Liberal plan to reshape the sector will focus on staffing, vaccination and testing, and infection control and prevention.


The Liberal party has promised the expansion of the GO transit system to include a Milton-Mississauga expansion to help Ontarians with their commutes. The Liberals have also promised free public transit and licence plate renewal for veterans, and tax credit incentives for the purchase of winter/studded tires.

Social Programs

The Liberal party has promised the creation of two pilot programs to reshape what it means to work in Ontario. The first is to pilot a four-day work week which would allow for workers to complete the same number of work hours per week but in fewer days. The second pilot will consist of the creation of a universal basic income program.

The Liberal Party has also called for an additional 10 provincially-funded sick days for workers and universal childcare throughout Ontario.