2022 Ontario Election

Find the latest analysis, news and updates on Ontario’s 43rd Provincial Election

On June 2nd, Ontarians will head to the polls to decide who will lead our province in the 43rd sitting of provincial parliament. Will this election be a referendum on how Doug Ford has handled COVID-19? Or will Ontarians be looking for how parties intend to manage our economic recovery? Will issues like housing affordability and inflation impact voter intention? And how will education, healthcare and the environment factor into the discussion? We address all those questions and more as part of our ongoing Ontario Election coverage. Read more below.

Ontario’s Provincial Party Leaders

Get to know each of Ontario’s leaders and their key issues in the upcoming election.

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Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Ontario’s 42nd Parliament seat map (current)

Ontario PC (67)
Ontario NDP (40)
Ontario Liberals (7)
GREEN party (1)

63 seats needed for majority

Ontario PCs currently hold 67 seats

2022 Election Updates and Insights
Premier Doug Ford Announces New Cabinet
June 24, 2022
Doug Ford and the members of his new Cabinet were sworn in by the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.
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Top Five Priorities We Expect the Ford Government to Tackle During This Mandate
June 17, 2022
Based on the narrative we saw during the election, our team outlines the top five priorities we expect the Ford government to focus its attention on as it reforms government and for the next four years.
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Ontarians Said Yes: Doug Ford Leads PC Party to Second & Bigger Majority Mandate
June 3, 2022
The Doug Ford-led Progressive Conservatives were in a strong position to reform government at the start of and throughout this election campaign. And when all was said and done, Doug Ford has been re-elected as Premier of Ontario and the PCs have grown their majority from 76 seats (when they were elected in 2018) to 83 seats.
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#ONelxn2022 Series: Less Than a Week to Go: What Have the Party Leaders Been Up to So Far
May 27, 2022
All four major party leaders have had close to four weeks to define why they are best fit for the top job in Ontario. Now, with less than a week to election day, each leader has just a few days left to capture voter attention and gain their confidence.
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#ONelxn2022 Series: The Debate and The Damage Done
May 20, 2022
Brian Zeiler-Kligman and Naomi Shuman of our Ontario Government Relations Practice break down Monday's debate and what, if any, impact it may have had on the course of the election.
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Ontario Election 2022: Ontario Liberals Unveil Their Election Platform, A Place to Grow
May 10, 2022
For those closely following the Ontario election, you may have noticed the first few days of the election campaign saw the Liberals tease parts of their platform through daily major policy announcements (see, for example, our analysis last week of the Liberal’s environment plan). On May 9, the Liberals laid out their entire plan and unveiled their election platform, including full costing for their policy promises.
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