Brad Zubyk

Senior Counsel

Brad joins Sussex as Senior Counsel with nearly 30 years of experience providing both government relations and communications consulting and advisory services.

Based in British Columbia, Brad’s career has involved leading many teams in delivering strategic, objective-driven counsel and advice to clients, including directly to government stakeholders and clients in both the public and private sectors.

Brad’s most recent experience was founding Wazuku Advisory Group alongside two partners, and there focused on providing expert advice and a broad, integrated range of services for business sectors including economic development, energy, financial services, health care, non-profit, transportation and trade.

Throughout his career, Brad founded additional firms that have shaped his expertise in political and business strategy, public policy, project leadership, and strong ability to manage complex, multi-stakeholder projects.

Complemented by extensive experience working on political campaigns and with political professionals, Brad offers our clients a perspective that applies both a public affairs and business lens.