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Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan: Implementation Plans

Published on
February 21, 2018

Earlier today, the IESO and OEB published their respective strategies on how to implement the government’s 2017 Long Term Energy Plan (2017 LTEP). These documents were prepared in response to the governmental directives to both agencies associated with the release of the 2017 LTEP.  The initiatives are broad in scope and will evolve how Ontario plans its system, delivers new programs, and fosters innovation.

The IESO report, entitled Putting Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan Into Action, outlines the timing and process for implementing the ten distinct initiatives. Each one of the initiatives outlined above includes an initial stakeholder engagement process, whereby the IESO will solicit feedback from interested parties on the program or policy design.  While many of the processes will conclude in late 2018, several of the system planning activities will extend into 2019.  The image below shows the timeline for the various activities:

Source: Putting Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan Into Action, IESO, pg. 26

The OEB’s report, entitled The Ontario Energy Board’s Implementation Plan, describes the 14 initiatives that the OEB will implement to help meet the goals and objectives set out in the 2017 LTEP. Each section of the OEB plan identifies the objective, summarizes OEB actions to support change and deliver on outcomes, and describes work that the OEB will undertake in response to the directive.  Similar to the IESO report, many of the initiatives being undertaken will also include a process to consult with stakeholders. The schedule for these activities is outlined below:

Source: The Ontario Energy Board’s Implementation Plan, OEB, page 40

As the agencies continue to develop and evolve these programs, Sussex will monitor, analyse and provide input into the various initiatives at both agencies.  Please do feel free to reach out to any of our associates if you would like additional information or assistance on how to participate.