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Transparent Facebook Ads Have Launched In Canada

Published on
November 15, 2017

Starting today, Facebook users in Canada will now see all active ads any brand or organization are running on Facebook in a new "Ads" tab on their brand's Facebook page.

This new Facebook feature is being tested in Canada only at this time. It is a response to the U.S. congressional investigation into foreign entities influencing the 2016 Presidential election by serving divisive ads to nearly 126M Americans in key swing districts.

This new measure is designed to add a level of transparency and accountability in an advertising environment that has for years relied on a micro-targeted approach.

Using Canada as a testing ground, Facebook is trying to see if showing the public every ad by ever advertiser will reduce shady and predatory advertising practices.

If your company or organization has a Facebook page, then this new measure impacts you.

Transparency in advertising has always been a sensitive subject for advertisers –– especially in politics and public affairs.

The idea that everyone will know your strategy and what’s working (or not working) is a complete game changer in how you go about your marketing and social media.

Everything your brand is doing on Facebook is now public knowledge. Conversely, everything your brand is not doing on Facebook is public knowledge.

If you don’t yet have a paid social strategy, then it is time to strongly consider one. Today’s move is not only a step toward greater transparency in social media advertising, but also an explicit signal from Facebook that all brands are expected to get into the paid social media game if they want to have an impact in reaching audiences on their network.

Is your team spending lots of time in social with just marginal results?

If so, get in touch with our team of experts who can walk you through these changes and advise you on how to improve your social media ROI.