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What We’re Reading This Week - Sussex Environment Team

Published on
June 19, 2020

June 12 - June 19

The Sussex Environment team has compiled a real mix of articles this week for your weekend reading, including pieces about the IEA’s Sustainability Recovery Plan, the (re-)emerging excitement around hydrogen, social/climate justice, and our growing garbage problem during the pandemic. Enjoy!

Merging movements — pursuing a just and green future should be done together.
Shawn McCarthy. iPolitics. June 16, 2020.

This is the state of sustainability around the world.
Joe Myers. World Economic Forum. June 12, 2020.

From national parks to the deep sea, plastic pollution is showing up wherever scientists look.
John Metcalfe. Washington Post. June 14, 2020.

Canada’s conservation efforts must prioritize areas resilient to climate change, researchers say.
Ainslie Cruickshank. The Narwhal. June 8, 2020.

Tesla battery supplier Catl says new design has one million-mile lifespan.
BBC News. June 8, 2020.

Unilever to invest 1 billion euros in climate change fund over 10 years.
Siddarth Cavale. Reuters Business. June 14, 2020.

Canada's oil patch cuts back climate efforts under pandemic.
Rod Nickel, Jeff Lewis. Reuters Business. June 14, 2020.

Fighting Climate Change Means Fighting Racial Injustice.
Liam Denning. Bloomberg Opinion, Financial Post. June 13, 2020.

Feds, farmers, remain far apart over impact of carbon tax on grain growers.
Mia Rabson. Canadian Press, Global News. June 12, 2020.

What happens to waste PPE during the coronavirus pandemic?
Carly Fletcher. Solid Waste Magazine. June 12, 2020.

The Chronicle of Climate Solutions: Week in Green.
Laura Millan Lombrana. Bloomberg Green. June 12, 2020.

Investors Are in a Race to Find the Best Models of Climate Risk.
Kate Mackenzie. Bloomberg Green. June 12, 2020.

The New Reality: Will COVID-19 help flatten the curve on climate change?
Jeff Semple. Global News. June 14, 2020.

Ontario residents generate more garbage during pandemic.
Solid Waste Magazine. June 12, 2020.

Globe Climate: Could a push for hydrogen be a pivot in the right direction?
Sierra Bein, Ryan MacDonald. Globe and Mail. June 15, 2020.

Opinion: Chemical and plastics industries can help lead economic revival.
Bob Masterson. Calgary Herald. June 16, 2020.

Germany Shows the World How to Green the Stimulus.
Akshat Rathi. Bloomberg, Financial Post. June 16, 2020.

Why Canada might need a climate law — and how it might work.
Aaron Wherry. CBC News. June 16, 2020.

Moving ahead of the pandemic.
Henry Mintzberg. Corporate Knights. June 10, 2020.

BP wipes up to $17.5 billion from assets with bleaker oil outlook.
Ron Bousso. Reuters, Financial Post. June 15, 2020.

The Tax Rule That Inspired Billionaires and Movie Stars to Back Climate Moonshots.
Ben Steverman. Bloomberg Green. June 16, 2020.

Big Oil faces up to a future beyond petroleum.
Editorial Board. Financial Times. June 15, 2020.

Climate change could be the last straw for bees.
Ian Babler. The Climate Reporter. Medium. June 15, 2020.

Covid-19 pandemic is 'fire drill' for effects of climate crisis, says UN official.
Fiona Harvey. The Guardian. June 15, 2020.

Think green when planning economic recovery.
Spectator Editorial. Hamilton Spectator June 16, 2020.

Leaders must address equity to build back better.
Sherry Yano. Corporate Knights June 15, 2020.

Goldman Sees $16 Trillion Opening as Renewables Pass Oil and Gas.
Dan Murtaugh. Bloomberg News, Financial Post. June 17, 2020.

Environmental justice in the spotlight.
Catherine Boudreau, Debra Kahn. Politico. June 16, 2020.

Do we need carbon-eating machines to fight climate change? Some scientists say yes.
Will Schick. Island Press, Medium. June 2, 2020.

Sustainable Investment And The Race to Zero Emissions During The Covid-19 Pandemic.
JP Dallmann. Forbes. June 16, 2020.

Hospitals and health care networks send a message: EVs save lives.
Kent Waddington. Electric Autonomy Canada. June 18, 2020.

Pacific leaders fear climate change campaign will 'lose momentum' amid COVID-19 pandemic.
Melissa Clarke. ABC News. June 18, 2020.

Net Zero vs Zero.
Sabrina Gill. Medium. June 17, 2020.

Bridge-builder in the oil patch.
Shawn McCarthy. Corporate Knights. June 17, 2020.

3 Years and $3 Trillion Could Shift the Climate Change Narrative.
Eric Roston, Akshat Rathi. Bloomberg, Financial Post. June 18, 2020.

EU to make big push for hydrogen, despite green concerns and infrastructure gaps.
Dave Keating. Climate Change News. June 17, 2020.

As They Reach Retirement Age, Wind Farms Become Prime Investments.
Nathaniel Bullard. Bloomberg Green. June 18, 2020.

Global oil demand could hit record growth rate next year, IEA warns.
Jillian Ambrose. The Guardian. June 16, 2020.

Governments should integrate clean energy policies into pandemic recovery plans: report.
Emma Graney. Globe and Mail. June 17, 2020.

One of Europe's Most Ambitious Climate Plans Runs on Three Dollars a Day.
Jonathan Tirone, Boris Groendahl. Bloomberg, Financial Post. June 19, 2020.

Use of forests to offset carbon emissions requires an understanding of the risks.
Paul Gabrielsen. Phys.Org. June 18, 2020.

2020 is our last chance to avert climate catastrophe, says energy chief.
Louise Boyle. Independent. June 19, 2020.

How much can financiers do about climate change?
Economist Briefing. June 20th 2020 edition.

IEA’s green recovery plan backed by governments and investor groups.
Leslie Hook. Financial Times. June 18, 2020.

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