Bonnie Hiltz

Vice President and Energy Practice Group Lead

Bonnie Hiltz has over 15 years experience working in Ontario’s electricity sector.

Since 2005, Bonnie has been intimately involved with the evolution of electricity supply policies, having worked at both the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Power Authority (now the IESO).  She has contributed to the design and implementation of the coal phase-out strategy and multiple supply procurements. She was also involved in contract management functions, overseeing billions of dollars of supply agreements with the OPA/IESO.

Bonnie left the public sector in 2014 to oversee Government and Regulatory Affairs for a major international utility and energy services provider.  In this role she advised on supply and de-carbonization policies and assisted business development efforts across Canada.

In her current role Bonnie serves a number of clients in the energy sector as they navigate the complex government and regulatory environment.  Her areas of expertise include generation, procurement and contracts, and energy markets.

Bonnie currently serves on the Board of the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) and has previously served on the Boards of the Canadian Solar Industries Association and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (now merged as the Canadian Renewable Energy Association).  She has served as a mentor for young professionals and has volunteered her time for a variety of organizations focused on topics ranging from renewable energy education to newcomer services.

Bonnie has an M.A. in International Relations and Political Science from the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. She is fluent in French and Spanish and has lived in the United States, France, Switzerland and Costa Rica.