Premier Ford Unveils the List of Parliamentary Assistants

Closely following last week’s swearing-in of Cabinet, the Premier has revealed the list of MPPs that will serve as Parliamentary Assistants.
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Premier Doug Ford Announces New Cabinet

June 24, 2022
Doug Ford and the members of his new Cabinet were sworn in by the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.
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Canada Bans Six Single-Use Plastic Products

June 21, 2022
Today, the Canadian government announced the publication of the final regulations to prohibit the manufacture, import, sale, and export of six single-use plastic items.
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Top Five Priorities We Expect the Ford Government to Tackle During This Mandate

June 17, 2022
Based on the narrative we saw during the election, our team outlines the top five priorities we expect the Ford government to focus its attention on as it reforms government and for the next four years.
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