Christina Marciano

Senior Associate

Christina is a Senior Associate in the Energy and Environment Practice at Sussex Strategy Group. Building on her previous experience as the firm’s Research Associate, Christina has a comprehensive understanding of the many complexities associated with providing quality government relations support.

Christina works primarily with clients on matters pertaining to waste diversion and resource recovery, climate change, chemical management, permitting and approvals, as well as other environmentally-focused issues. Her principal responsibilities include analyzing and advising on government legislation, regulation and policies, strategic planning and execution, advocacy efforts, intelligence gathering, and developing written communications. Christina closely monitors current events and government activities always mindful of her clients’ best interests and overall objectives.

Christina holds a Master’s Degree in Political Studies from Queen’s University where she also earned her Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Political Studies and Women’s Studies. Her Master’s Thesis focused on a constitutional challenge of the Criminal Code of Canada and the implementation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She has been a featured speaker for panel discussions hosted by the Faculty of Law at Queen’s. Christina joined Sussex in 2012.