Dan Lovell

Senior Associate, Federal Government Relations

Dan is a Senior Associate in the Federal Government Relations Practice in Ottawa. With over a decade and a half of political experience - both federally and provincially - Dan has managed countless campaigns in the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe regions of Ontario. Most recently, he managed two successful federal re-election campaigns in the riding of Niagara Centre.

With almost seven years working hands-on in government, Dan is a long-standing and passionate advocate across multiple policy areas, including infrastructure development, expanding multimodal trade corridors, promoting the domestic tourism sector, and growing sustainable agriculture industries. Dan has seen every part of the legislative process, moving key pieces across the finish line at Committee and in the House. He recently supported key strategies and studies through Committee such as Canada’s Transportation, and Logistics Strategy and COVID-19 and the Impacts on the Aviation Sector. He has a breadth of experience working with Ministerial offices and the PMO, as well as across all levels of government and with a broad range of stakeholders. 

Dan has served as Golden Horseshoe Regional Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) and serves on the Canadian Committee of Advisors to the Canada/US Great Lakes Fishery Commission. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Governance) from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University) with specializations in Canadian Politics, Canadian History, and Non-Profit Management.