Devin McCarthy

Vice President, Federal and Energy Practices
613-691-0319 Ext. 3450

Devin has spent more than a decade working in the Nation’s Capital on federal energy, environment and technology policy issues. Following two years at the Privy Council Office, Devin spent nine years with the Canadian Electricity Association, representing the interests of Canadian electricity companies before federal policy-makers, include three years at the Association’s Vice President of Public Affairs.

Today, Devin serves domestic and global clients as they navigate the federal policy and funding landscape. He supports a diverse roster of clients in the clean energy, clean tech, industrial, agricultural and technology sectors by aligning desired outcomes with pressing political agendas to persistently seek win-win outcomes. Devin heads up Sussex’s Ottawa Office, overseeing the work of a small but impactful staff of consultants.

Devin holds an Honours degree in economics from Queen’s University. He is a regular speaker at conferences, writes often on policy issues and stays plugged into international developments. He has participated in a wide range of federal stakeholder committees and has significant experience navigating the political processes of Washington, DC. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two sons.