Fraser Lockerbie

Senior Associate, Digital Strategy

As an experienced digital strategist and communications professional, Fraser Lockerbie leads Adrenaline’s social and digital media campaigns, managing client campaigns with spending levels of up to $750,000/month. He is an expert in audience segmentation, behavioural & contextual targeting, message refinement and digital acquisition, activation & retention.

Fraser got his start in the world of politics as a journalist, first as the Associate Editor for an English-language daily in Quebec and then as a columnist and senior digital editor covering sports and politics for an iconic international publication. There, he transitioned from editorial to lead the publication’s Digital Marketing teams, developing comprehensive social and digital strategies that saw account growth and brand reach more than triple quarter-over-quarter.

Since joining Adrenaline in 2014, Fraser has managed digital media programs for some of Canada’s most influential advocacy organizations, building public support for issues and grassroots advocacy campaigns targeting all levels of government. His experience optimizing digital programs for performance and leveraging digital insights to inform and evolve messaging ensures clients stay well-ahead of the fast-moving political landscape.

Fraser holds a B.A. in English Literature with a concentration in Cultural & Media Studies from Bishop’s University and is currently completing a Masters in Journalism & Strategic Communications from the University of Missouri. He is also Contract Faculty at Bishop’s University, teaching courses part-time on political journalism.