Joyce Mankarios

Director, Ontario Government Relations

Joyce is the Director – Ontario Government Relations at Sussex Strategy Group. She brings with her over a decade of experience building strong partnerships with public and private sector leaders and a record of influencing and leading policy development at all levels of government.

Joyce is joining Sussex after considerable experience at Queen’s Park. Most recently, she served as Director of Policy for Ontario's Minister of Health where she was responsible for leading key health files during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Queen's Park, she was also Director of Policy to Ontario's President of the Treasury Board where she played a key role at the centre of the government's expenditure management process and multiple provincial budgets.

Prior to Queen’s Park, Joyce worked closely with local electricity distribution companies to advocate for their interests to senior members of the provincial and federal government including in areas such as regulatory modernization, distributed energy resources and electric vehicles. From this position, Joyce helped highly-regulated companies navigate a complex policy environment to reduce barriers inhibiting business.

Joyce also served at the frontlines of business advocacy as part of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce where she led the business association's policy agenda and advocacy efforts in representing the views of approximately 1,000 businesses in the Greater Sudbury region. She also worked globally including in Rwanda where she helped inform the design of projects aimed at enhancing the marketing and business capabilities of a set of agricultural cooperatives.

Joyce holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs and a BA in International Development from the University of Ottawa.