Kevin Townsend

Senior Associate, Municipal Practice

Kevin Townsend is a Senior Associate for the Municipal Affairs Practice at Sussex. Kevin has a unique background as an elected City Councillor in his hometown of St. Catharines, where he advocates for housing, cultural development, and active transportation. He spent 11 years as a high school teacher where he taught politics and geography. In addition to his municipal work, Kevin has worked on numerous campaigns and contributed to many political advocacy initiatives at regional, provincial, and federal levels over the past ten years.

As a Senior Associate in the Municipal Affairs Practice at Sussex, Kevin helps clients navigate the municipal political landscape in order to advance their projects, connect with senior civil servants and elected officials, and develop effective partnerships. His clients include a broad spectrum of land developers, domestic manufacturers, associations, and cultural producers. Kevin draws on a diverse network of stakeholders, including many in the GTHA with a specialization in the Niagara Region, and speaks enthusiastically about community development.

Kevin holds an BA in Political Science from Brock University, a diploma in Performing Arts and Theatre from Sheridan College, and a Masters of Science in Education from Niagara University.