Paula Conboy

Senior Counsel

Paula Conboy is a veteran energy expert and regulator who is Senior Counsel at Sussex. Most recently Paula was Chair of the Australian Energy Regulator and she presently serves as a Board Member of the Energy Market Authority in Singapore. She has also served as a Board Member of the Ontario Energy Board, and is recognized internationally as an expert in related energy market and regulatory affairs.

Paula has over 25 years of experience as an executive in organizations or as regulatory Chair and board member. She is often called on to consult and advise executives and directors on leadership, corporate governance, political engagement and leading transformational change.

Paula is highly regarded for her ability to bring together disparate interest groups to work through technically complex and contentious issues. In her roles as Chair, adjudicator and corporate executive, she has extensive experience in organizational governance and building culture for effective performance.

With a strong background in the energy sector, both in Australia and Canada, Paula has worked with various organizations, associations, regulated and unregulated businesses, governments and ministerial departments to influence sustainable change and growth. Her areas of influence include policy development, strategic direction and critical thinking, resolving conflict within teams, improving communication across stakeholders, managing change, building resilience, improving people performance practices and team formation.