Sophie Rusen

Research Associate, Municipal Practice

Sophie Rusen is the Research Associate for the Municipal Practice at Sussex Strategy Group. Sophie applies her quantitative and qualitative research methods to monitor Committee and Council cycles for clients in municipalities across Canada. Her deep research skillset enables her to identify and report on opportunities and risks tailored to client objectives and aligned with government policies. Sophie analyzes proposed legislation, tracks the status of legislative items and provides recommendations on government relations engagement strategies.

Prior to joining Sussex, Sophie, worked as a research assistant on a sustainability initiative for a company focused on environmental sustainability in Madrid, Spain. While there, she researched and reported on local ecological expositions and sustainable urban transformation projects.

Sophie has received institutional recognition for her roles in various research projects. She was nominated to be a panelist at the 2021 Graduate Research Caucus at Carleton University to present her undergraduate research on strategic government communications with young Canadians related to COVID-19.

She has been actively involved on mayoral campaigns, has a passion for volunteer work with organizations that assist seniors and with Canada’s Walk of Fame, enjoys mentoring and is fluent in French.

Sophie holds a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management with a specialization in Strategic Public Opinion and Policy Advocacy from Carleton University where she graduated with distinction.