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Federal Government to Impose Dollar-for-Dollar Countermeasures to Trump’s Aluminum Tariffs

Published on
August 7, 2020

Today, in response to US President Donald Trump’s announcement of a 10% tariff on certain Canadian aluminum imports, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced dollar-for-dollar counter measures on US imports to Canada for a total of $3.6 billion (CAN).

The Deputy Prime Minister called the new US tariffs “absurd” and highlighted the impact they will have on US consumers by increasing the price of many products. Freeland also highlighted the potential negative consequences of these measures on the North American auto manufacturing industry.

Freeland committed to working with provinces, business leaders and unions on a Canada-wide response. The government has released a list of products containing aluminum and will be consulting over the next 30 days before imposing tariffs. Comments are due by September 6 and tariffs will come into force by September 16.

For the full list of products being considered for tariffs by the federal government, please consult:

Trump announced the new, punitive tariff measures during a speech at a Whirlpool washing machine factory in Ohio on Thursday. The measures will apply to raw, un-alloyed aluminum produced at smelters and not to downstream aluminum products. The tariffs are the result of complaints from certain metal companies that Canadian aluminum has been flooding the US market. These new tariffs come into effect on August 16.

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