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Conservative Party of Canada Leader Hon. Pierre Poilievre Announces Leadership Team

Published on
September 13, 2022

Today, Conservative Party of Canada leader Hon. Pierre Poilievre announced his House of Commons leadership team.  

The team includes:

The assembled group has a balanced regional team but with a leader, deputy leader and one other member from Ontario, the balance of power is undoubtedly focused on Central Canada, a potential signal of the CPC’s recognition of their intended path to victory.  Two Quebec MP’s help shore up representation in a province where seats will be needed to help bolster electoral returns. The appointments also seem to make a concerted effort to represent Canada’s minority communities.  

While it remains to be seen what tone the team, led by its leader, will strike, there is some doubt that there will be any moderation of the message Poilievre used to win the leadership. This would be a departure from traditional CPC leaders who have moved to the right to win the leadership and then to the left to win a general election.

The bottom-line question, though, is if this is a team that can deliver an election win when given the opportunity to do so.

The narrative we see developing around giving hope to disaffected groups within the general electorate has paid dividends to political leaders in the past, including Poilievre, who has spent years himself learning the political craft and cultivating his message. The leadership team is sure to paint a picture that differs greatly from the current Liberal Government. Sussex feels the leadership team will focus on pocketbook issues and driving economic development in a streamlined regulatory environment built to grow business.

Happy to help.

As Poilievre and his team take the reins of the Party, Sussex stands ready to help clients understand the new political landscape in Ottawa and engage with CPC leadership.

Devin McCarthy, Senior Vice-President, and Federal Practice Lead: dmccarthy@sussex-strategy.com

Eric Johnson, Vice-President: ejohnson@sussex-strategy.com

Dan Lovell, Senior Associate: dlovell@sussex-strategy.com

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